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Shabazz The Disciple

Wu-Tang Clan/Sunz of Man/Gravediggaz

Shabazz was discovered by the RZA of the Wu-Tang Clan.  He exploded with the first verse on the Gravediggaz's platinum debut single and video, "Diary Of A Madman", earning him the love of hip hop fans worldwide. He began touring the U.S. with the Wu-Tang Clan and eventually landed himself a solo deal with Penalty Recordings.  Shabazz then released his solo debut single and video, "Death Be The Penalty", followed by "Crime Saga", single and video, both received high street critical acclaim.  The singles also received heavy rotation on BET and MTV.  Bazz has performed in South America, Iceland, France, Germany, U.K., Switzerland, Austria, Holland, Denmark, Sweden, Belgium, Finland, Norway, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Romania, Bulgaria, Latvia, Poland, Greece, Estonia, Slovakia, Hungary, and the United States.  Overall, Shabazz is known as one of the most visual lyricist of all-time.

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1.  Rakim“Baz You’re The Greatest Newcomer Of All Time.  You’re Incredible.”

2.  Big Pun”Baz Your Shit Is Crazy, I Got My Style From Crime Saga.  You’re My influence.”

3.  KRS”You’re The Next Level Of Hip Hop.”

4.  Nas”I Love Your Music, You’re Already A Legend, I Would Love To Collab With You.”

5.  Rza”I Wanna Put You Out Thru Wu-Tang; You Always Kill Every Song.”

6.  Raekwon”Rewind That Shit.”

7.  Gza”Damn Baz Your Shit Is Mad ILL.”

8.  DJ Primeire”Crime Saga Is My Shit!!!."

9.  Guru”You’re A Mentor Baz, We Gotta Collab, Your Music Is Incredible.”

10.  Ralph McDaniels”You Took The Game To A Whole Nother Level, I Love Playing Your Videos, They Are Creative.”

11.  Lord Jamar”We Watch Ya Videos All The Time That’s Our Shit, You’re The Most Visual Lyracist Of Our Time, Your Shit Is Banging God, We Need To Work Together.”