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Orchestrated Production / All Eye Publishing

Born and raised in Pontiac, MI, Decompoze has long had a passion for Hip-Hop music.  Decompoze first emerged on the scene as 1/3 of critically acclaimed, legendary Hip Hop group Binary Star.  His natural talent for both mc'ing and producing was made evident when he began turning heads with his musical style and lyrical impact on the indie underground Hip Hop classic anthem, "Indy 500".  Decompoze is committed to giving his fans the ultimate interpretation of what Hip Hop music is all about.  All fans of Hip Hop can agree on one thing, Decompoze embodies the true essence of Hip Hop culture.  Given the current entertainment industry climate, Decompoze is a breath of fresh air for Hip Hop fans.  Witness his high energy stage performance and enjoy the authentic brand of vintage Golden Era Hip Hop music that Decompoze brings to the table.

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Decompoze, of the group Binary Star, returns with another impactful contribution to hip hop with his second solo album. In this day in age of global instability, this LP is a sound bed of reassurance aptly titled MAINTAIN COMPOSURE.  With Decompoze’s penmanship and beat production talents at the forefront, MAINTAIN COMPOSURE also features verses by some highly regarded veteran hip hop MC’s; J.U.I.C.E., One Be Lo, RoSpit, the Subterraneous Crew and some new talent to the hip hop world, Sarah “Lady Essence” Violette and T-Logic.