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This site is dedicated to entertainment.  Here you can schedule a live performance by unique artists such as SVET THE ELECTRO HIP HOP VIOLINIST (as seen on NBC's HIT TV series America's Got Talent), DECOMPOZE (legendary Hip Hop Producer/MC), the Red Hook, Brooklyn, NY icon SHABAZZ THE DISCIPLE aka Scientific Shabazz aka Seraphim Shabazz (Wu-Tang Clan/Gravediggaz/Sunz of Man/T.H.U.G. Angels), or book the witty, unpredictable, talent, and natural game that Solomon Childs (Wu-Tang Clan/Theodore Unit) brings to the table. Email us at and tell us who you are interested in.

 We also offer Event Coordinator Consulting Services.  As your inside connection, we’ll discuss various scenarios based on the vision you have for your event, or we can suggest feasible ideas based on your budget.  

Email us at and we will assist you with making sure your event goes exactly the way you want it to.

 We respond to ALL emails regarding Artist Booking or  Event Coordinator Services in less than 24 hours to discuss details.